Sex Tips I Picked Up From TV

Porn is great, both to watch with partners and on your own for inspiration, but sex on TV can teach us as much – if not more – about sex than porn.
As well as the nitty-gritty – the how to, where to and why to – sex on TV also serves as a method of normalising those things women might be too scared to speak up about. How do we know that masturbation is something we're all doing when some of your friends are still too scared to talk about it openly? Because everyone on TV is at it. Which means that, like the characters their shows portray, so most likely are the show's creators, their friends, their partners. And hey, if it's happening on TV, it's a lot easier to talk about IRL, too. Case in point: Fleabag episode 1.
So, from the simple tips to more complex lessons about relationships, here's what I learned about sex from TV...

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