Self Portraits By 8 Female Photographers

Is your Instagram feed selfie-heavy, or are you usually the one behind the camera? If it's the latter, a profile picture that really feels like you or the occasional candid shot of yourself might be worth a trip outside your comfort zone.

While it's true that a self portrait – or 'selfie' – carries a whiff of narcissism, when you really think about it, in 20 years' time, you won't want the only picture of you to be mid-Christmas dinner, paper crown slipping off your head, will you?

With this in mind, we challenged eight British female photographers to turn the lens on themselves for once and create a self portrait – whatever the term means to them.

To take their pictures they used the new Honor 8 handset, which – with its dual camera, ability to manipulate the depth of field, and pro photo function that lets you control multiple aspects such as the ISO and exposure, and so much more – can create some unrivalled shots. That's right, these were all done on a smartphone!

Forget the standard selfie; here's how to take a proper photograph of yourself.

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