Make Your Home Look Creative, Even If You Know Nothing About Art

It’s a catch-22: You want to decorate your home to reflect your dazzling sense of style but after browsing all the style blogs for inspiration, the task seems a little overwhelming.
Luckily, there are little changes you can make interior-wise that guarantee serious results. Over time, these little changes will add up to big changes, meaning that one day, you'll walk into your living room and realise you're living in a real-life Pinterest post.
Here are a few ideas to get you started.
The Frame: Art when it's off, TV when it's on. Why not have a piece of art that doubles as a TV?
Experiment With Your Style
First things first – don’t be intimidated by your space. You’ve probably been dreaming about all the statement art pieces and light installations that are going to adorn your new apartment, only to find that all the things you covet most on social media are actually hideously expensive. So what to do?
Samsung may just have the answer: The Frame. It’s a television but as you’ve never known it before. This marvellous piece of design (created in collaboration with renowned designer Yves Behar) actually doubles up as art. Displayed flat against the wall, you can use it to admire your favourite new piece of art by day, and watch your favourite TV shows by night.
Rather than having to commit to purchasing some bank-breaking artwork, The Frame lets you learn about your own style and taste by switching between different pieces that Samsung has available from some of the world’s leading galleries (there's even an exclusive Saatchi Art selection which is available on The Art Store). In addition to the extensive selection of artwork on offer you can also switch between customisable bezels, including a new limited edition porcelain blue colour, and use The Frame to showcase your own personal photographs.
Don’t Sacrifice Style For Function
If The Frame is a piece of art and also a television, apply this sort of thinking to other areas of your interiors. For instance, why have ugly storage or the blank black screen of a TV when you can make a feature of it? Think industrial metal crates for larger spaces and personalised wicker boxes for smaller bits and bobs. Why not make a feature of your enviable magazine collection, or favourite classic books? Plenty of bookshelves and magazine racks these days are more stylish than the literature they hold.
Take Your Time And Plan
Anyone who’s moved into a new house will know how tempting it is to rip everything up and start again. But wait. If the property you’re moving into is liveable, you’re better off not rushing anything. Instead, move in, then leave it a few weeks before you start making any alterations. That will give you a better idea of how to spend your money and what your biggest priorities are.
Also, you'll want to give yourself time to get to know the space you’re living in and how you want to use it. Maybe the sitting room should actually be a bedroom; maybe you can live with the questionable '70s tiles and should actually spend money on some delicious new curtains. Only time will tell, so make incremental changes and let things evolve. Slowly.
Cheap Fillers vs. Investment Pieces
If you're chomping at the bit to get going with your redecoration, though, consider the concept of Cheap Fillers vs. Investment Pieces.
Cheap Fillers are anything that make your space feel great now, when you can’t afford the real thing. Think house plants in budget ceramic planters or colour-coordinated cushion covers. Things that plug the gap while you wait for something more long-term. Build up your collection and refine it – that way you can decide what you like and don’t like, without having to make a huge commitment.
In your Investment Pieces category you’ll want to have devices and furniture - which there is no point in cutting corners on as you’ll only end up spending more money long-term. The Frame has an art store with an ever growing gallery of art so no matter how you style your room in the future, it'll have the ability to enhance your interior. Also, visiting lots of antique sales and scouring the internet will help you get your eye in, and there are always places doing brilliant discounts on more modern stuff. You just need to be on it, and be resourceful.
The Frame is available in three sizes: 43’’, 55’’ and 65’’ with RRP starting from £1,199 from the Samsung e-store and other retailers.

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