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Everything I Learned On My Quest To Find A Retinol Alternative

I’ll never forget the first time I tried retinol. It was three years ago during summer, right before an important work trip. I lathered on the long-loved anti-ager before bed, eagerly awaiting the transformative results, then scrimped on SPF the following day and arrived in France with one of the worst reactions my sensitive skin has ever had. Retinol and I parted ways pretty quickly after that. 
Until recently, this vitamin A derivative could do no wrong. It was hailed as the best anti-ageing ingredient around and any side effects were simply the price to pay for a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead. Now, though, as many start to question some of the major drawbacks and an anti-retinol movement takes shape, a wave of innovative retinol alternatives have cropped up, like Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum.
I’ve tried and tested natural alternatives like bakuchiol in the past but finding a formula that's kind to sensitive skin and delivers the powerful, wrinkle-busting results synonymous with retinol isn’t easy. So I spoke to Noella Gabriel, cofounder of Elemis, to learn more about the brand’s new retinol alternative and exactly what sets it apart. I’ve unpicked the best things about retinol (and the worst) and explored who exactly should consider switching to a retinol alternative, and why. I found myself a pretty game-changing product while I was at it, too...

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