The 50+ Best Beauty Memes On The Internet

Working online, we come across a ton of both bizarre and hilarious GIFs, Vines, and photos on the daily. (Seriously, ask to see any R29 employee's email and you'll find it riddled with GIFs in response to everything from a fellow staffer's TV appearance to news that there's pizza in the kitchen.) Their creativity and ridiculousness always manages to amaze us, and we not-so-secretly wish we had the skills, wit, and, well, time to make them ourselves. As often as we shake our heads at them, we have to admit they're pretty much our favourite things on the internet — well, that and cats on glass.
Of course, our favourite memes fall into the beauty category. They're (mostly) friendly, funny jabs at the hair and makeup problems so many of us deal with, and serve as subtle reminders not to take ourselves too seriously. Click through to check out some of our favourite memes — we're sure you'll find one or 20 you can relate to.

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