The Secret To A Perfect Manicure Isn’t What You Might Think

You know that feeling when everything goes right with your manicure? The polish covers every. last. micrometer of the nail, but none of the skin? There's not a single bubble or streak? No fingerprint smudges from checking if it's dry? That's what we call a good paint job — and it's likely one you haven't pulled off at home.
But maybe, just maybe, that's because you haven't been introduced to your brush soulmate yet. Allow us to take you on a tour of the Nail Brush Hall of Fame. (Oh, you haven't heard of it? Weird. It's kind of a big deal.)
The Nail Brush Hall of Fame highlights the polishes with brushes that do all the work for you. Looking to coat all ten fingers in record time? We've got you. Need something that's precise enough for small nails? No problem. Ready to accept a nail painting challenge? There's a tool for that. Ahead, manicurist Jessica Washick, Creative Director for Van Court Nail Studio, explains what makes a polish brush a star. Get ready to line up your team.

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