5 Moisturiser Myths To Stop Believing Right Now

When was the last time you really gave your skincare routine an overhaul? You might switch in a new product here and there but many of us are still carrying out the same routine from our teenage years. Your skin type can change, what you want to improve about your skin will likely change, and what it will take for your skin to get there will certainly change, yet so many of us are stuck on autopilot.

Moisturiser is a great example of this. Many of us use the same one for years on end regardless of skin concern, whether that’s pigmentation, dehydration or dullness. Despite being a skincare routine staple, moisturiser is chronically misunderstood and overlooked. In reality, the right one can be a powerhouse for skin health and deliver on so many fronts. With the right active ingredients to give you targeted skin-brightening results alongside essential hydration, it can be a multi-benefit step that puts in overtime for your skin. From cutting-edge peptides to soothing botanical blends, there’s plenty of extras that can turbo-charge your moisturiser to the next level.
Ready for some moisturising myth-busting? Here’s what you need to know…

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