9 Answers For Your Biggest Phone-Related Issues

Photo: Erin Yamagata.
There are certain things that can universally turn your very good day into a bad one. This list includes, in no particular order: a sluggish commute, spilled coffee, and a doctor's appointment that gets canceled at the last minute. But if there's one thing that can trump all the rest, it's having a problem with your phone.
Whether it's a perplexing battery-drain issue or a poor signal (why, spinning wheel, why?), your phone has the power to make or break your day.
Since the device experts at tech company, Enjoy, have seen and heard it all, we asked them for their advice for solving some of the most common smartphone problems. Click through for nine issues they see most often, and easy ways to troubleshoot them. We guarantee you've dealt with at least one of these problems before.

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