Men Tell Us How Much They Think Women Bleed On Their Periods

Pretty much none of us is educated enough about periods. Did you know, for instance, that period pain is way worse in the colder months? Nope, us neither.
The sad truth is that until some people stop treating periods as if they're a weird, secret and shameful thing that women have to go through every month, we'll never reach the point where we're able to be fully open about them. Bodyform, the first sanitary product company to depict period blood as red instead of blue liquid in its adverts, is encouraging everyone – whether they have a period or not – to aim for #bloodnormal, ie. the point where periods are treated as just another thing that happens; like breathing, walking and talking.
To help further #bloodnormal, we decided to sit down and have a frank conversation with a bunch of men about periods. What was the first thing they learned about them? What do they know about them now? And most importantly – just how much blood do they think we women lose a month?
And oh boy, was it worth it...

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