What Makeup To Use If You Have Acne Scars (& What To Avoid)

Illustrated by Peter Karras.
If you're guilty of perennially picking at your pimples (try saying that 10 times fast) or you've battled cystic bumps since your teenage years, chances are you've been plagued by an acne scar or two. The dark marks and crater-like indentations linger, taking weeks — sometimes months — to see themselves out.
Although makeup is the easiest way to hide these dreaded guys, certain products and application techniques (read: swiping motions) can draw attention to them rather than minimise their appearance.
We tapped makeup artists Jamie Greenberg and Andre Sarmiento to reveal their best tips for dealing with acne-scarring: what to use, what to steer clear of, and the one step you should never skip. Ahead, we divulge the deets.

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