We’ve Been Wrong About These Lush Products

If you’re a bit out of the loop, let’s refresh: Early last week, U.K. Lush customer Abi Shenton tweeted a selfie with Day-Glo pink skin after using one of the brand’s bath oils. Turns out, she mistakenly thought the oil was a soap, resulting in a rather bad dye job. Other Lush shoppers have since emerged with their own #beautyfail stories — an issue potentially arising from the fact that the wacky-looking products don't come with explicit instructions.
“Because our products are unusual to look at, we definitely rely on staff to help the customers understand that, yes, this thing that looks and feels just like Jell-O is actually soap,” says Lush senior brand and product trainer Erica Vega. And if you can’t get to a boutique? The company publishes a catalogue several times a year with detailed advice.
But we did you one better and asked Vega to break down the most misused and misunderstood products of the lot. Click through to find out exactly how you should be applying them (plus even more fail stories that will make you laugh out loud).
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