A Love Map Of Britain: Our Dating Preferences, Region By Region

Where you call home has a significant impact on what you look for in a romantic partner. Well, at least according to a new survey by eHarmony.co.uk that interviewed 20,000 Brits. The research reveals the differing personality traits and interests that people across the UK are seeking out in their ideal lover. And the findings are weird, to say the least.

Unsurprisingly, London's up there in terms of being the most demanding (sigh), placing more importance than any other region on the following attributes: ‘intelligence’, ‘style’ ‘energy’ ‘athleticism’, ‘sexiness’, and, interestingly, how ‘opinionated’ someone is.

Meanwhile, Cumbria – bless their cottons – selected ‘sensitivity’ as the most important personality trait someone could possess, with the attributes ‘sexy’ and ‘stylish’ ranking low on the list for these residents.

Cornwall reveals itself as a refreshingly non-superficial region, caring the least about 'style' of all the areas.

Here's a few more of our favourite nuggets below...
Singles in Surrey insist they're less stubborn than the rest of the UK, though it's a close call when it comes to deciding whether football or tennis is the favourite sport of this region. Books are what they're most interested in.

People in Merseyside say they are bossier than the rest of UK singles, yet they struggle to agree on whether Chinese or Italian food is the regional favourite.

Belfast has more dog lovers than any other region in the UK and – perhaps unsurprisingly – they also like cats the least.

Londoners are the only ones to list ‘Japanese’ cuisine as their favourite, while Surrey and East Sussex are the only people who singled out ‘Thai’ as their number one choice.

Essex and Lancashire
These folk cite fish as their favourite pets. Meanwhile, in West Yorkshire, rabbits are the preference and what the heck, rodents are top spot in Hampshire.

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