Lindsay Lohan Is Heading To Kettering Over Brexit

As the UK voted for Brexit last week, Lindsay Lohan provided an unexpected but very welcome distraction, live-tweeting passionately as results came in from across the UK. During an over-excited moment, the Mean Girls actress and Remain campaign supporter tweeted, "Sorry #KETTERING, but where are you?" as it emerged that the Northamptonshire town had voted to leave the EU. Lohan later deleted this tweet. However, Kettering's Conservative MP, Philip Hollobone, saw fit to mention Lohan's tweet in the House of Commons on Thursday, describing it as "fierce and offensive." "On referendum night a week ago, the pro-Remain American actress, Lindsay Lohan, in a series of bizarre tweets, slagged off areas of this country that voted to leave the European Union," he told the House, Huffington Post reports. "At one point she directed a fierce and offensive tweet at Kettering, claiming that she had never heard of it and implying that no one knew where it was." Addressing Chris Grayling, the leader of the House, Hollobone added: "Would my right honourable friend support my invitation to Lindsay Lohan to come and switch on the Christmas lights in Kettering this Christmas?" Apparently poking fun at Lohan's recent lack of film roles, The Independent reports that Grayling replied, "Had she visited Kettering, she might have seen her career turn around. I think the invitation is one she should accept." In a surreal twist, Lohan has apparently taken this criticism on the chin and decided to accept the offer to turn on Kettering's Christmas lights. After hearing about their comments in the House of Commons, she invited Grayling and Hollobone to "DM" her on Twitter.
According to the BBC, Hollobone said in response: "Let's hope she means it. If she wants to come to Kettering and turn the lights on, she would be made very welcome."

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