I Got Laser Hair Removal — & This Is What It Looked Like Up Close

appearance by Erica Bell; appearance by Mina Wahab.
Anyone curious about laser hair removal might admit to having some reservations — including Mina, a television reporter who elected to have the procedure done this year. "I have heard horror stories about laser hair removal," she tells Refinery29. "I've heard about people getting scars on their face because technicians didn't know what they were doing."
While the procedure is common, it's one that should only be administered by a licensed professional who has experience working with a range of skin tones. That led Mina to Sev Laser in Los Angeles for a consultation with Erica Bell, a registered nurse who ultimately treated Mina's underarms, neck, and face.
Before her appointment, Mina was instructed to avoid all forms of hair removal besides shaving (including waxing, plucking, and epilating). After shielding her eyes and mapping out the appropriate areas, Bell zapped away at each and every hair follicle using Sev's advanced laser device, which targets pigmented hair and is safe to use on all skin tones.
During the procedure, Bell prepared Mina to anticipate a light snapping sensation from the laser, along with some heat, followed by cool air from a fan. After one session, Mina was already starting to positive results, though Bell says that the number of sessions varies by person. Typically, it takes about three to eight appointments, with a six-week waiting period between each one.
Click play on the video above to learn more about Mina's entire laser hair removal experience — and zoom in to watch every last hair get zapped.

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