Kelly Osbourne On Why She No Longer Tortures Herself About Fame

Kelly Osbourne became famous as a teenager when she starred in her family's pioneering reality show, The Osbournes, which ran on MTV in the early noughties, several years before Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In a new interview, the always candid Osbourne daughter, who just got a new tattoo to honour the victims of the Orlando shootings, has spoken about the snobbery she's been facing ever since.

"Would people turn around to Prince William or Harry and say, 'You're a loser and you’re only famous because your dad is'? No. But they do to me," Osbourne told The Times.

"You're born famous, whether you want it or not, and it's hard to get your head around. I used to torture myself because I felt I didn't work hard enough for it, until I realised we invented reality TV. I have to stop being so ashamed and allow myself to take credit for that."

During her interview with The Times, Osbourne also revealed that some guys hit on her for the grossest of reasons. "People always want to say they’ve f***ed Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. Boys tell me," she explained.

"I could have been born like Quasimodo and I still would have been a conquest. And you can tell, when someone's having sex with you, if that's their reason. It's a disgusting, awful feeling. I am quite defensive when I talk to guys."

Reality TV star or not, Osbourne's journey towards self-acceptance is one we can all relate to. "I am pint-sized, but a little bit chubby. I'm still trying to figure the rest out," she also said during the interview. Amen to that.

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