Jelly Makeup Is Here To Give You The Glowing Skin You've Always Wanted

Forget powder blush and stick foundation, because makeup's new texture is a lot more tactile. From Korea to the UK, all manner of beauty brands are putting aside heavy, skin-clogging ingredients, keeping the base of products like bronzer, highlighter and lipstick simple: water. The result? Jelly makeup, and it's set to be 2019's biggest beauty trend.
"We are a nation of glow addicts, and jelly makeup formulas are the perfect choice for those of us who just can’t get enough radiance," says professional makeup artist, Sara Hill. "Jelly formulas offer a juiciness that you just can’t get with powders and pressed formulas. You can achieve a fresh, 'real' skin look easily with these lightweight, malleable products as they're much more sheer than traditional formulas, so everything looks healthy and dewy."
Because of the semi-firm texture, most makeup brushes are out of the question when it comes to applying jelly-based products. So what's the best technique? "I think it’s best to apply these products with your fingers to get a really natural-looking finish," adds Sara. "Gently pat products onto the skin with your fingertips. The warmth of your hands will help blend it out softly. I wouldn’t recommend using sponges, though, as they can lift the product and take away the shimmer, rather than adding it to the skin."
And the order in which you apply your jelly products matters. "If you like to use a finishing powder or any powder-based products, make sure you apply your jelly formulas first, otherwise they can leave a puddle mark in the powdered makeup, ruining the overall effect."
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