Instagram’s Newest Feature Could Be A Game-Changer

Photographed by Refinery29 UK
Everyone does Instagram slightly differently, but everyone follows the same basic rules – even influencers. If it's a really great photo, it goes on the grid; if not, it stays on your Story.
Depending on your personal preferences, you may think it looks cooler – or at least more enigmatic – to keep fewer pictures on your grid. There's definitely something intriguing about clicking on a profile and finding it contains no more than nine or 12 impeccably selected pictures.
But until now, everyone's grid has had to be ordered chronologically with the newest pictures at the top and older ones towards the bottom. This could be about to change, though. Earlier this week app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted screen shots that appear to show Instagram testing a new feature that would allow us to rearrange our grid however we see fit, and as often as we like. Mind blown.
Instagram has yet to confirm or deny it's working on an "edit grid" feature, but it already sounds like a game-changer. Imagine being able to put all your most "professional-looking" photos at the tip of your grid while job-hunting, or being able to give your grid a Christmas/Halloween/birthday makeover every year. You could also (temporarily) bump down photos of your partner if you've had a row – #pettinessgoals.
Of course, an "edit grid" feature is essentially another way of making your online life more curated, and in the process, potentially less authentic. But at this point, we're all savvy enough about social media to take anyone's Instagram grid with a healthy pinch of salt. Watch this space for further news about Instagram possibly rolling out this feature across the board.

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