Your New Instagram Stalk: Ceilidh Joy

Introducing, Ceildih Joy, the 22-year-old vintage buyer that we can't get enough of on the 'gram. Why? Because the Korean beauty, and our elected Insta honey is just about the funniest, most exquisitely stylish, natural personality on our feeds, and we look forward to checking her account every day. Besides her day-time job as a buyer at cult thrift-shopper destination Beacon's Closet, she also moonlights as a model and has scored major gigs such as Glossier and Urban Outfitters as well as a cameo in a Weeknd video (fancy, huh?). She also spends quite a lot of time modelling for her pal Yeha Leung, owner and designer of Creepyyeha, the prettiest BDSM and fetish outfitters we've ever laid our prudish eyes on.

With her anime-style bob, multi-coloured eye shadow game, chocker-laden wardrobe and ability to wear any old second hand garb and look a trillion dollars, we're quite seriously hooked on Ceilidh. Here she imparts her frank insights into beauty, shopping, eating and what it's really like to be 22 in NYC, paying rent, partying and full-time attempting to dodge all the Williamsburg hipsters. Over to Ceilidh...
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Name, age, location:
Ceilidh Joy, 22 (Just turned 'bout a week ago ayyyyyy) NYC

SCAMMIN (I model sometimes, and sometimes I work in a thrift store. Woo!)

What item of clothing best sums you up?
I would be a big Vivienne Westwood purse with cute keychains, or maybe really clean Nike socks because they're hard to find.

Favourite item of clothing you’re currently wearing?
I got this really cute top by Daisy which is exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony – girl, get you some!! Cutest bo-peep top ever. Also I just scored a good vintage DeadStock skate shirt like my Spitfire one, only probably less dirty. I also love my friend Lisa @creepyyeha, who's adorned me in collars named after myself! I'm going to, if not already, have become a total narcissist.

What item of clothing best sums you up?
Rachel Comey jeans; baggy, messy, ready to go. Fit is great, and OK to walk around NYC in. Ass looks terrible though. Real.
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What do you love about the city you live in?
I don't love my city. It's weird, it smells weird, everything is expensive, I have to put on makeup to go outside. Food really sucks. People my age are legitimate social climbers or just weird and mean and love coke. We have great budding artists though. Under all that smell of snob and trash, you can smell this little bit of hope in an 18 year old walking out of Cooper Union or this budding stylist who just has to tell me EVERYTHING when I'm on the train home. The people watching here is incredible.

How does it impact your style?
My city? I guess there's so many fashion people, and having worked within the fashion industry (both men's and womenswear), and being a part of that lifestyle just put me on. I like being a mix of street, thrift and high-end. And comfortable. And able to breathe in the friggin' smog of hipsters in Williamsburg.
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Where’s your favourite place to shop?

What item of clothing are you still hunting out?
I'm really hoping to find me some sweet light blue mules that look like they're $760, but really maybe $7.

How would you sum up your style in three words?
Moody, variable, lit.

Favourite pair of shoes>?

CHERRY CHECKERED VANS, DAWG! Wear them everyday, I'm not a shoe gal. I'm lazy. Slip ons are a blessing.
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What’s your most important beauty rule?
I have really sensitive skin so I try not to wash it too much. Ladies, I'm not gross. I have a skincare routine. But seriously, over-drying and taking away your natural oils skin on your face sucks. Introduce one new product at a time if you can, so you know what's working. As for me, I just like a light cleanser and I love the Fresh eye makeup remover/facial prewash.

Favourite makeup product?

Weirdest beauty trick you've picked up?
Wearing the wrong shade of foundation for like two years. That's weird, within the world of beauty, and someone at MAC really tricked me good, lmao.

Who do you stalk on Instagram?
People I secretly don't like. I am as petty as all get out! But really though ... meme Instagrams? BJ Novak? The really cool Victoria's Secret model I interacted with one time? Kiko Mizuhara? This mean manager I had two years ago who keeps popping off on my Explore feed? I just don't know.

What's your favourite picture you've posted?
I love it all, it's all messy, it's my diary, I wont part with a ting. It's me!
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Where are we most likely to find you on a Friday night/ Sunday morning?
Friday night: Typing haphazardly on Twitter, pretending the DJ's music isn't THAT shitty, drinking straight Mezcal?
Sunday Morning: Typing haphazardly on Twitter, watching the X files, waiting until its appropriate to drink straight Mezcal.

Your favourite place to eat?
Japan; I love and live for Sukiyaki!

What’s your favourite thing to cook?
I like cooking burgers for people. I don't really eat burgers. I like to cook them. Scallops are fun to cook, too.

Who's your BFF?
It's weird to say best friend. I got my crew of people, they're all super different. I'm generally kinda introverted and my real friends respect that.
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What's your biggest fear?
An existential crisis at like 3 am. Peeing myself in a public place. Being in a room filled with people who may want to hurt me. Those weird hairy long ass bugs. Usual shit.

Your biggest achievement?

I did a lot of traveling, stopped putting toxic drugs into my body, learned about the power of massages. Modelled and modelling for things I can't even discuss.

Where will you be in 10 years?

This is so hard, like just so undeniably challenging. It's almost a mean thing to ask anyone age 17-23. Long term goals are ill and all but I have SO many things to accomplish and do right now, and yet lately I can barely decide if I want breakfast or not. I want everything in 10 years. I wanna look back on this and laugh. In 10 years I could be anything. I don't have an answer for you and I hope that's okay.
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Where's your happy place?
My friend Eliana's house near Little Tokyo. It's just really safe.

Your motto?
THERE IS NO I IN TEAM!!!! YOU MISS 100 PERCENT OF THE SHOTS YOU DON'T TAKE!!! IF IT DOESN'T KILL YOU, KILL IT. Just use any of those if you wanna, I have no motto.

What do you want from your career?
I don't really know and I think that's okay. Fashion can be so much fun, I've always loved acting but I need a thicker skin. I like writing, I would probably wanna teach someday. If I don't make some name for myself I'm happy just working as a high school English teacher or something. Right now I'm delusional and just wanna feel good. Youth is blind!
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Who makes you laugh?
I think I'm hilarious, but I like my friends and my fam and my FAM, you know? They're funny.

What quality do you admire most in people?

I like people who aren't ashamed to admit they liked really shitty music in high school. I like messy people, I like people who keep clean houses, I like people who can call me out. I think morbid humour is a great quality. I think that people who create in an unabashed way are admirable.

What's next?

Tonight I do a music video slash commercial and tomorrow I'm gonna try to go see a doctor because I hurt my arm skating. I wanna go rockclimbing this week too, I did it once and now I am hooked. More modelling shall come. The future isn't without surprises, and in terms of time I am running out of it, so later Refinery29 UK! Love ya!

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