3 Ways To Deal With Perimenopause Symptoms

Illustrated by Assa Ariyoshi
What is it about 'women's problems'? We curse our periods and wish we could make them stop yet rarely talk about the fact that one day, they inevitably will. Menopause has been a hushed secret whispered between women for years but finally we’re opening up and learning how it will affect our minds and bodies. But while you may feel clued up, how much do you know about perimenopause?
Beginning several years before the main event, it’s the transitional time when your ovaries start to create less oestrogen, and while everyone’s experience is unique, there are symptoms that come with it – and you could face some, none or all of them. But it needn’t be scary; there’s plenty of help out there, from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to beauty products that support your skin throughout the change. Here’s our need-to-know guide to the main perimenopause symptoms and how to feel good, no matter what stage you’re at…

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