30 Health Tips That Are Super-Obvious, But Actually Work

Photographed by Refinery29.
If your eyes tend to glaze over at first mention of the latest Health Hack That Will Change Your Life, we can’t really blame you. Although we are literally pros at suggesting said hacks, even we have to admit that it’s good to remember that as nonstop as the news about nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being is, it’s not always as revolutionary as it sounds.
There’s the advice you should probably ignore (looking at you, goop) and the ones that sound good on the surface, but in practice are impossible or simply not worth it. (For example, we don’t care how many times you tell us, we are not going to quit bacon or caffeine.)
At the end of the day, as exciting as advances in research and shiny new workout gear can be, the best advice is the obvious stuff: Eat well, move more, get plenty of sleep, and just do you.
Yes, you’ve probably heard those before, but chances are, you probably still struggle with actually getting to sleep on time or actually eating in a way that makes you feel energised and happy.
So to help you out, we’ve rounded up all of the truly usable nuggets of advice that can help you feel your best every day. In fact, many of these are tips that will make you feel healthier instantly.
No bullshit or impossible advice, we promise. Bonus: it’s all in one place.

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