Wrap Up Your Bad Hair Days With A Bow

During those occasions where your strands are stressing you out, or your updo is looking like a don’t, is there a better way to combat the bad hair day blues than with a head wrap? (Answer: no). An eloquently-tied scarf isn’t just a simple way to add a bold touch to your outfit — you’re also able to give your tresses a break from heat styling and products, too. Talk about a win-win!
Check out the video above to see just how it’s done, then keep scrolling for the step-by-step how-to.
Step 1: Wrap a scarf around your head like you see above. If you opt for a cotton material, make sure to protect your hair with a satin bonnet first.
Step 2: Tie a tight knot in the front of the scarf, looping both ends as you would with a shoelace.
Step 3: Using the excess fabric in the front, assemble a bow.
Step 4: Stretch out the fabric to create a shape you desire. Tip: The bigger, the better!

Step 5. To secure, tuck ends of fabric underneath your base and perfect the shape — and that's it!

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