4 Young Activists On Creating A Happier Social Media Feed

Despite the name, social media can often be quite the opposite: an unwelcoming, cliquey and divisive place. Whether it’s reflexive doomscrolling or the relentless comparison to others, young girls (and women!) often come away from their time online feeling worse than when they started. Endless retouching on images can also lead to a skewed sense of what’s normal, which is particularly troublesome for young girls who are still figuring out themselves and their place in the world.
That’s why we partnered with Dove to help all of us, young and old, cultivate a happier, healthier relationship with social media. When we use social media in a way that uplifts us, we also uplift our communities and forge deeper, stronger connections with our friends, families and peers. As part of our global Self-Service partnership, designed to champion and uplift women and girls the world over, some young activists like mental health advocate Sophia Badhan, anti-plastics campaigners Ella and Amy Meek, and young entrepreneurs advocate Kim Mamhende, as well as therapist Kate Hogan joined hands with us for Dove’s Self-Esteem Project.
Since 2004, The Dove Self-Esteem project has been helping young girls and women build self-esteem and teaching the world why self-esteem helps us all. We're so proud to publish this international content series rooted in the promotion of healthy, happy self-esteem. 
The project has been helping to educate and build the self-esteem of women and girls since 2004. (Want to learn more about our activists? Read about their visions here!) . Take a look at their tips and tricks below.

“Seek out real life activities that bring you joy as well as diversifying your feed.”

“If you join a community that makes you feel inferior, guilty or insignificant then it’s not your community.” 

“We can have a tendency to ‘compare and despair’ looking at images and accounts that make us feel bad about ourselves.”

Story originally ran on Instagram.

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