Halloween Costumes For Every Hair Type

Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures.
Already planning your Halloween costume? Yeah, us too. This year, you could whip up something in with clothes and makeup you already have lying around the house. But, it’s the hair that makes or breaks a look. Because, you need the long, blonde locks to be Cher from Clueless, right? And, Miley just isn’t Miley without her now-signature platinum chop.
A wig is kind of a waste of money, considering you’ll wear it once on October 31, only to find it years later with tangles galore. It’s also unlikely that you’re going to cut off most of your mane, bleach it, or shave the sides for one night. The obvious solution if you're short on time and money? Choose your costume based on the strands you already have, whether they're red and curly or long and black.
Click through the slideshow to find some Halloween inspiration for your hair type. And, fret not: Everyone knows how annoying it is to have to spend an entire party explaining what their costume is. So, the ones that made this list are instantly recognisable. Prepare to feel smug about everyone else sweating under their itchy wigs while you’re whipping your own hair back and forth.
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