7 Hairstylists Predict The Biggest Haircut Trends For 2024

While it can be convenient to look to celebrities or TikTokers for haircut inspiration, I always confer with the experts: hairdressers, barbers, stylists, colourists, braiders and wig experts. They get hair. These are the people who shave, chop, trim, zhuzh and innovate to create the styles that become part of the zeitgeist. Last year, it was all about bobs, for example. The Italian bob was particularly beloved, as was the French bob and the 'bottleneck' bob.
But there's a fresh perspective ahead of a new year. Ahead, we asked the pros to give us their predictions for the top haircut trends we can expect for 2024. Everyone has a different answer but the "why" behind each one is fascinating. Scroll through for the full trend breakdown and screenshot the style that speaks to you.

Box layers

Name: Vinny Gismondi, hairdresser at gender-neutral barbershop Hairrari
The haircut: The box layer is going to be the biggest mid-length haircut trend of the year. It creates distinct lengths between the layer and ends of the hair. This shape is giving maximum flow.
Why it's trending: This trend is the evolution of a mullet. It's great and totally inclusive for all people of all genders and hair textures, perfect for those who want to grow their hair out and keep some length and shape.
How to ask for it: Whether you're going short with the cut or you want to keep some length, ask for square or "box" layers.
If you want to go longer, R29 rates this cut by Kiyotaka Tsutsumi.

The soft French bob

Name: Pricilla Valles, celebrity hairstylist
The haircut: I definitely see the French bob becoming popular in 2024. Think a short, blunt cut with soft layers that fall right below the ear lobe.
Why it's trending: This cut is such a confidence boost. It originated in Europe in the 1920s, but has since become a universally-recognised classic. It’s effortless and flirty, mimicking the Parisian and European style.
How to ask for it: This is by far one of the most difficult haircuts to get right. I would highly recommend seeing a cutting specialist and showing them a few inspiration photos to ensure you get exactly what you want. It’s important to consider your hair’s natural texture and your commitment to styling. It’s all about the styling! I’d recommend having a round brush on hand when blow drying to ensure the hair is smooth yet voluminous. I love using a light hairspray to finish and a smoothing serum on the ends to keep the hair healthy and hydrated.
R29 loves this cut on digital creator, Franny.

“Extreme” hair 

Name: Harry Josh, celebrity hairdresser and brand founder
The haircut: That’s hard to pinpoint, but I do see extreme hair — short with strong colours — playing a role in the trends to come. I feel like we are in a rebellious time in the world and people are fed up and want change to break out of the norm. I think Doja Cat is a great example of the extreme, radical hair movement. [Also see Jazelle aka @uglyworldwide].
Why it's trending: It’s a sign of our current times. We have been seeing so much of the same trends in hair over the past decade, and I think we are due for a major shift, and I believe next year will be the beginning of it.
How to ask for it: Absolutely bring pictures! Try to stick with stylists that have done these types of cuts before, our normal stylist might not be best for these radical changes. If you see a style you like, ask where the person got it done.

Lob 2.0

Name: Matt Newman (aka @MattLovesHair on Instagram), hairstylist and content creator
The haircut: Prepare yourself for the return of the layered lob. Think “The Rachel '' but slightly longer. The current archetype of this hairstyle is Matilda Djerf. [If you want something a little more natural, take inspiration from Bella Cohen on Instagram.]
Why it's trending:  It’s going to be pervasive because it’s the natural progression from the existing short hair cut trend. This past autumn saw a huge trend of short blunt bobs and in 2024 we will be seeing all those chops being grown out.
How to ask for it: The best way to manage growing out a bob is by trimming and shaping the layers over the year while the length comes back. If you're asking for this cut, the most important part of the conversation with your hairstylist is figuring out what “layers” mean to you. Do you want to see your shortest layer above your ear? Do you want to see just the bottom inch with a gradation in length? Establishing the placement of your shortest layer is super important.

Cropped pixie

Name: Rodrigo Padilla, hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair
The haircut: The "textured pixie cut" is a notable trend for 2024. This style is a contemporary take on the classic pixie cut, characterised by textured layers and a slightly longer length on top.
Why it's trending:  The history of the pixie cut dates back to the 1950s when stars like Audrey Hepburn popularised the short and chic style. The modern version embraces texture, making it suitable for a wider range of face shapes and hair types.
How to ask for it: To request the textured or cropped pixie cut, people should ask for a pixie with textured layers for added movement and dimension. Considerations include face shape, hair density, and personal style preferences.
R29 loves this cut on Teyana Taylor.

‘90s bob

Name: Jordan Luger, hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair
The haircut: The hairstyle that I think will definitely be popular in 2024 is short hair. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of people who have been wanting to just go shorter and shorter, kind of leaning into that 90's styled bob. Victoria Beckham late '90s early 2000s.
Why it's trending: I think short hair, specifically this '90s styled bob, is going to be big because I feel as though women are beginning to embrace the idea that long hair is not the sole indicator of our femininity. Recently, I have noticed more and more of my clients wanting to cut their hair off and realizing how liberating it is.
How to ask for it: Some important considerations are really nailing down the length. I would recommend people asking for weight to be taken out because no matter what it can look a little off if weight isn’t taken out in the right areas. But I think maybe really considering how short and where it’s going to sit on you is really important to consider.
Look to this cut on Charlene Truong.

"Easy" hair

Name: Hannah Cassidy, editorial director at Mane Addicts
The haircut: This might sound convoluted, but I’m dubbing 2024 the year of “easy” hair — which could mean different things for different people. I see this as embracing your natural texture in ways that allow you to minimise maintenance, prioritise hair health, and spread out your upkeep appointments. This could manifest in going for “tweakments” like bangs or blunt ends instead of total overhaul, chops that help boost the appearance of fullness for fine hair, or low-maintenance cuts created with the intention of more air-drying and wider styling options.
Why it's trending: I think we’re looking at two big driving factors: practicality and flexibility. I know that probably doesn’t sound sexy or buzzy, but we’re in an era (read: recession) where being mindful with our finances is a necessity and keeping up with the go-go-go trend cycle just isn’t sustainable. So hairstylists are put to the task of creating looks that will grow and move gracefully on their clients over time. And individuals are equipped with broader DIY styling knowledge thanks to TikTok and YouTube tutorials, so it’s easier than ever to achieve an array of different styles just by swapping one tool or technique or for another.
How to ask for it: First off, go to a stylist you have a relationship with or intend to keep a relationship with. Easy hair is a marathon, not a sprint. You want a stylist who understands your hair’s natural state and body and can guide you through lifestyle considerations, what you love or things that annoy you about your hair, and growth goals you might be working towards.
R29 loves this grown out fringe by The Hair Bros on client Sarah Q.

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