We Asked Model Georgia Moot About Her Last Meal On Earth & 28 Other Pressing Questions

Georgia Moot, 22, was working at her local radio station in Peckham (not just any station, mind, but the super cool Balamii) when she was scouted. She was heading to McDonald's on Rye Lane to buy some dinner when she was approached by an agent, kickstarting her modelling career. Studying sociology and media at Goldsmiths at the time, she can now be found walking for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Helmut Lang, Palmer//Harding, and Fashion East, as well as kicking back with the rest of Marques'Almeida's cool girls.
At 6 feet tall, with vivid green eyes and a huge swirl of auburn curls, it's hard to overlook the Londoner, but what sets her apart from her contemporaries are the moves she's making off-camera. She's spoken out about the progression of diversity in the fashion industry – "Change is happening, but could be sped up and implemented better, and conversations around wellbeing and mental health in the creative industries need to be taken more seriously," she tells me – and most recently has furthered her passion for change by teaming up with Dr. Martens.
As part of the brand's Tough As You campaign, Moot is hosting a podcast series titled Talking Tough, shining a light on creatives who have fought adversity in one way or another. "In my house growing up we were always discussing ethnicity, feminism and mental health," she explains. "We were always taught by my parents to be accepting of everyone, and understand that everyone has different factors in life which affect their experiences. So I wanted to merge these ideas with my work in fashion, as I do think fashion is a great platform to vocalise these issues."
With guests including Bricks magazine founder Tori West, who debunks myths about success and class, and Ben Hurst, who works at the Good Lad Initiative, a charity that tackles masculinity and equality, Moot says the aim of the podcast is to reassure listeners and normalise tough conversations. Thanks to her desire to change our approach to sensitive topics, plus her penchant for a pinstriped power suit and thoroughly '00s accessories, it's fair to say she's the coolest girl we're following right now.
Ahead of Talking Tough episode two airing, we decided to get to know the model and activist a little better. Here are our 29 pressing questions for Georgia Moot, from what the meaning of love is to her favourite hangover meal.
When was the last time you cried?
A few days ago. I watched a video of a teacher who threw an end of year party or something and no one showed up. So he was just sat there with goodie bags and a hat on. He had decorated the room and everything. Stuff like that breaks my heart, I can’t handle it.
What music should we be streaming right now?
My best friend Grace Carter's. 
What’s your favourite meme?
The picture of the woman looking puzzled with maths equations around her. I feel like it represents me a lot of the time.
What does love mean?
Comfort and care. I think love is a feeling of understanding. 
What would your last meal on Earth be?
Mac and cheese 100000%.
The song that always gets you on the dance floor?
"Spacer Woman" by Charlie, it reminds me of me and my best friend Lexi having nights out in our first year of uni.
Most underrated film?
The Trolls movie; it contains some important life lessons.
Favourite condiment?
Mustard, I think it’s underrated as far as condiments go in the UK but I find myself reaching for it often. 
Who is gonna save the world?
Michelle Obama and youth Extinction Rebellion.
Who is your current crush?
My boyfriend is my 4eva crush, until he annoys me, and then it's Idris Elba. 
Describe yourself in three words…
Sociable, anxious and sarcastic. 
Who is on your dream dinner party guest list, and what are you cooking for them?
Dolly Parton, Lizzo, Zadie Smith and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I reckon they’d enjoy a refined pasta dish and then maybe a crumble for dessert? I make a mean crumble.
Best hangover meal?
Pad Thai or pizza, sparkling water, and an alka seltzer. 
What keeps you awake at night?
Sometimes really mundane things like reminding myself I have to pick up conditioner the next day, or worrying about something irrelevant I said five years ago. But then sometimes it’s really deep stuff like what happens after death and all that.
What is your most recent saved photo on Instagram?
This and it’s such a mood.
Desert island beauty product?
Next holiday destination?
LA to visit my family! They live out there.
The three headliners at your dream festival?
Beyoncé because she puts on a SHOW, Outkast and Chaka Khan.
Tell us a secret…
I watch spot popping videos on YouTube before bed to relax :)
Which creative making moves should we be following?
Honestly so many people. My friend Helene Selam Kleih created a book called Him + His which focuses on men’s mental health and identity. It’s really turned into a movement. My friend Rhea Dillon is an amazing artist who focuses on the black experience. Lastly, my friend Eni, an amazing fashion journalist with great style.
If you could live in any decade from the past, which would it be and why?
I lived through three years of it, but the '90s. Good music and fashion.
Which fashion trend do you wish would die?
I’m so for everyone wearing what they want and expressing themselves, in the same breath those Fila Disruptors are a bit of an eyesore.
What phrase, word or motto do you say the most?
"I’ve played myself."
Where can we find you on Saturday night?
Either out with friends or in bed with a Deliveroo. 
Favourite place on Earth?
The good old English countryside. 
Dating apps are…
Useful for some, but mostly trash. Or for sex. I have a few friends who have found partners using apps but equally I’ve heard many horror stories. 
What’s in your handbag?
What isn’t in my handbag? My phone, purse, headphones, lip balm, hair bands, ibuprofen, random receipts, snack bars and tampons – always tampons.
What beauty product can’t you live without?
Brow gel. My eyebrows are truly unruly and require taming.
What’s the next fashion item you’ll be buying?
I want a bigggggg puffer jacket for these harsh winter months, as they're so easy to throw on over anything. I also have my eye on some Vivienne Westwood jewellery.

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