12 Bar Signs That REALLY Get Us

Have you ever gone into a bar just because of a witty sign out front? We've definitely done that more times than we'd probably care to admit. Whether they totally get the awful day we're having or entice us with a really strange proposition, a bar sign can tell you a lot about the watering hole within. And at the end of the day, we can ALL relate to the following clever quips.
1. Very true...

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2. We're fine with the path that always leads to a cocktail.

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3. We've ALL been there.

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4. Story of our lives, Dory.
5. We'd take pie and lattes over Pilates any day!
6. We'll drink anywhere that is just as over the pumpkin spice trend as we are.

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7. If we're being honest, so are Wednesday and Thursday.

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8. Makes perfect sense.

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9. Capitalising on the bacon trend is key.

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10. At least until we wake up tomorrow...
11. The bartender's guide to making friends:
12. Oh boy, we don't know about that.

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