14 Married Couples Share Their First Dance Songs

Do you go for the sweet, acoustic version that means everything to the two of you but nothing to anyone else? Or a #1 nineties floor-filler to get the party started?
The first dance is one of the most awkward, enduring wedding traditions where newlyweds must slow dance – year eight disco style – in front of their grandmas and their cool work mates. Some find it excruciating and approach with a get-in, get-out mentality, while others go all, all in with a (surprise!) choreographed routine that nine times out of ten climaxes in a highly pressured Dirty Dancing style lift.
A good wedding will have a healthy amount of rumour circulating through the crowds about the first dance song and, sometimes, the track is leaked earlier in the day by a pissed member of the wedding party, building serious hype.
Ahead, married couples look back on their first dance songs and what they meant to them. Prepare to feel the love in the room and let the tears of joy flow for 14 couples you've never met. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the floor...

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