Why You Should Be Working Out Your Face

We faithfully do our squats, press-ups and planks, all in pursuit of a firm behind, toned arms and taut abs – but what if our face could benefit from the same degree of workout effort? Well, it can, and some of the world’s top makeup artists, including Lisa Eldridge (who refers to facial massage as the ‘holy grail’ of anti-ageing skincare), swear by these muscle-stimulating movements for even the most pampered faces.
Not only can a good facial workout negate the need for invasive treatments (read: fillers and botox), but it can help reduce puffiness, relieve a tense jaw – which is where we hold much of our stress – and bring out those killer cheekbones, all without breaking a sweat. Let’s face it, the best exercise regimes are always the ones you can do in front of the TV. And, like gymming, the more you do it, the tighter and more honed your face will be.
Read on to discover the treatments and tools to lift and sculpt. Yoga pants not required...

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