Is This Fashion Rule Actually Worth Following?

modeled by Pearl Taylor.
Try to picture it: A mouth-watering slice of pizza, only instead of eating it, you’re dressing it in skirts, blouses, and jackets. Sounds pretty silly (and a waste of a good slice), no? But unfortunately, we tend to play dress up with our food a little more than you might think. And yes, it’s just as ridiculous when it comes to our bodies.
Enter: the “pizza,” or “inverted triangle,” body type. They’re told to steer clear of options like bulky jackets, tops that accentuate the shoulders, or tall heels in order to accentuate and create a more ‘flattering’ image. But, in case you missed it, when fashion says to hide, we say show it off.
Pearl Taylor does just that. Though the typical norms may not suggest it, that isn’t stopping her from embracing everything she’s got. And it shouldn’t stop you either. Think: showing off the belly, rocking bulky jackets, and strutting in platforms, if that’s your thing — with style, poise, and a whole lot of confidence. “If I had to tell the fashion industry one thing, I would have say ‘fashion smashion. It’s about passion,’ because I wear what I want,” says Pearl. So you do you: Embrace your body and express how you feel — it doesn’t get better than that.

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