These Facials Show You Every Gross Thing Hiding In Your Pores

Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
We’re grown accustomed to paying hundreds of pounds here and there for deep-cleaning facials at the hands of a professional. But do you ever wonder if practitioners are actually clearing £200 worth of gunk and grime from our skin in the process? (Not to mention, what would £200 of gunk and grime even look like?)
Thanks to a wave of treatments that use vacuum and vortex technology to literally suck excess oil, debris, and dirt from clogged pores and — yes — deposit it all into a receptacle for later viewing, we now have our answers. Sure, it’s not pretty, but much like watching a Dr. Pimple Popper video, it’s indescribably fascinating to see all the stuff that once hung out on our skin.
Naturally, these facials are becoming all the rage. Though the treatments and technologies have been around for longer than you'd think, clips of people examining their own muddy post-treatment waters are just starting to pop up all over social media. (Last month, we even made a little video of our own.)
We get it: Seeing dirt and debris collected from the faces of others is fun. But there’s still nothing like experiencing one of these skin-sucking sessions for yourself. So we surveyed the landscape of deep-cleaning facials that end with a fascinating gross-out viewing party to get the scoop on where to get one, what makes each unique, and even how to get in on the action for free, ahead...

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