Your New Instagram Stalk: Danielle Greco

They send her roses. They write things like "I fancy you a lot", "I want 2 be u" and "smh please be my gf please" on her Instagram. They paint (sometimes terrifying) pictures of her. I'm talking about womenswear buyer and YouTube sensation Danielle Greco's militant fan club – all 25.8K of them.

From her Ange in Girl Interrupted brows, to her 13-year-old brother hoodies, 'screamo' band tees and J-Lo hoops, Danielle is New York's first lady of streetwear.

The thing is, and sorry if this is a bit emo for you all, but I'm IRL friends with Danielle and still, every so often, I feel myself becoming one of her social-media fan girls, and I have to stop myself typing the words 'slllaaaayyyyyy Kween' under every picture she posts. Embarrassing, but true.

What confuses me more, is that Danielle's style is worlds away from my own. In fact, she's coined a name for her whole look that's based on being a 'skate-girl goth'.

"I was recently called skategoth on Twitter," she tells me proudly. "Although I'm the originator of a style called Thot-goth, which I coined few years ago, I'm adopting 'skate-goth' as a term."

"When I first moved from Philadelphia to New York to study fashion, I thought nothing of the way I dressed. I think goth style can be confused and misconstrued by, like, middle America, because it’s not the norm. You know, because it's not always pretty. My household was extremely Italian, middle class, and blue collar, but they let me get on with it."

After a tough first year in NYC – "It'll chew you up and spit you out" – Danielle found her stride and her style. "I was really into a sort of goth club look, but I've since tweaked my look to keep up with my lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, latex doesn't always work for a long day in the office." Did I mention she's hilarious?

I ask Danielle who she's inspired by and wait for her response, which comes after a long pause: "Ideally, I'd describe my look as Bam Margera in 2005 mixed with Paris Hilton at LAX."

Still confused? Over to Danielle...

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