Celine Dion's Paris Fashion Looks Are Next Level (Titanic Refs Included)

Celine Dion needs no introduction. The iconic (and we don't use that word lightly) Canadian singer should really be known by her first name only – like Cher, Madonna or, more accurately, Jesus. Sure, she ruled the '90s like no other, but really, 2019 is her year. She ended her Las Vegas residency last month, won the Met Gala by initially thinking that the camp theme meant a sleepaway camp, and is about to headline Hyde Park's British Summer Time tomorrow, making every wannabe diva in Britain weep and scream in equal measure.
This week, though, she's been ruling a different kind of stage: the global fashion stage. Photographed at Haute Couture Fashion Week 2019/2020, she's been sitting front row, strutting into shows and, natch, stopping for some excellently timed and oh-so-extra posing. Celine recently teamed up with stylists Pepe Muñoz and Sydney Lopez (a crack team we now want to style us every day of the calendar year) and she's all anyone can talk about this season – which, when the clothes are this fabulous, is no mean feat.
So why is Celine the toast of Paris right now? Well, the woman is no stranger to drama, and couture is all about the drama. It's a space for designers to show their most intricate craftsmanship and painstakingly beautiful work, conjuring up creations that, sure, might not work for your weekly shop, but create a heart-stopping Fashion Moment. Yes, couture may be reserved for the children of Russian oligarchs and others occupying the 1%, but boy is it fun to look at. It's theatrical, it's camp, it's melodramatic, it's attention-seeking – it's so very Celine Dion.
From donning a graffiti-print Off-White leotard to pairing a fresh-off-the-runway Vetements T-shirt with the Heart of the Ocean necklace from Titanic (god she's good), click through to see all the iconique looks our eccentric queen has been sporting at Haute Couture in Paris this week.

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