Your 2017 Hair Inspiration: The Mom Cut

Mom-length hair is the new mom jeans. Once overlooked due to connotations of frumpy and perfunctory shoulder-length layers, we’ve now realised – much like its denim cousin – the full potential and ease of adopting a style loved by your mother back in the '90s.
That annoying mid-length hair between bob and long now looks effortlessly cool; think early Winona Ryder strolling through NYC in a leather jacket and Tom Waits T-shirt, tousled hair pushed over to one side. It’s a lot chicer than long tumbling tresses.
As with many trends these days, this one was fully kicked off by Kendall Jenner lopping off those raven locks. Inspired, we trawled the web to find all the sexy mothers. NB. Not all mothers.

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