This Baby Oil For Grown-Ups Makes My Skin As Soft As A Newborn's

In my opinion, there's a difference between being a grown woman and a Grown Ass Woman. Grown women do the prerequisites: they pay their bills, they make relatively healthy decisions, and vote in their local elections. Grown Ass Women, however, are bosses beyond measure. They pay their bills, but don't mind taking on a cool side hustle. They make healthy decisions, but don't spend too much time lamenting over a night of tequila-fuelled texts. They show up at the polls and aren't afraid to give those same politicians a hearty piece of their mind, too.
I still have a ways to go, but I'm trying my best to tap into my Grown Ass Womanhood. Even when it comes down to my beauty choices. For as long as I can remember, I've always slicked down my body with baby oil post-bath or shower. As a teen, it was with whatever shop-brand product that my mum wrangled up from Tescos or Poundland. My skin was moisturised, but I would always be embarrassed by the fact that I smelled like a two-year-old. I also hated packing my big, greasy bottle with me whenever I went to sleepovers.
Whenever I had allowance money to buy my own goods, the first thing that I'd grab would be the same baby oil gel, except shea butter-scented. Way more mature, I had decided. These days, I still like shea butter, but I've got plenty of other scents to choose from. It's just a matter of finding a product that keeps my skin supple underneath the thousands of layers I'm forced to wear to combat the New York City wind chill.
10 & Co., an all-natural Australian skincare line made for mums, may have roots from down under, but its body oils are a match for an East Coast dweller like myself. There are two in the line: Calm it Baby, a gentle sunflower seed and coconut oil blend for newborns, and Motherlover, with vitamin C, camellia tea, and hemp seed oil meant to combat dryness and stretch marks. Both are dope, but I prefer slathering on the latter before I towel off. Normally, a day of wearing fleece-lined leggings underneath my jeans leaves my legs dry enough to start a brush fire. Now, my skin stays soft all day no matter how long I'm out in the cold. I'm not grown enough to even be thinking about kids just yet, but I'm more than happy to reap the skin-care benefits without the responsibility of having my own little ones. Hey, I'm a work in progress.
10 & Co. Motherlover Rejuvenating Body Oil, £25.04, available at 10 & Co.
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