What These Young Black Women Want To Change & Challenge In 2021

Designed by Anna Jay.
It's been a long, hard year for Black women. But despite experiencing heartbreak, exhaustion, career wins and losses, they have continued to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that Black communities are supported, lifted and recognised for everything they do.
These incredible women have been ensuring we are represented in the fitness industry, challenging colourism within our own communities and campaigning to change the national curriculum to include Black history, as well as challenging systemic racism in media.
They have been working hard for years and should be recognised and given their flowers for all that they do for the Black diaspora and beyond. Black women have held it together and shown up for us. Now it's time for us to hold space for them.

To kick off International Women's Day, for which 2021's theme is "Choose to Challenge", we decided to call up 11 Black women for a vibe check and to find out what they want to change and challenge in 2021 and beyond.

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