5 Black British Muslim Women Making Waves Right Now

Photo Via @voteforhani
Muslims make up 4.8% of the British population. Black Muslims constitute about 10% of British Muslims and face the combined challenges of racism and Islamophobia, both within Muslim communities and in wider society. Add being a woman into the mix and you’ve got yourself an intersection of marginalised identities with treble the stereotypes to dismantle. While there have been calls for increased Black, Muslim and female representation in recent years, those who fall under all three categories still struggle to feel like they fit anywhere. For all the talk of inclusivity and intersectionality, society has left Black Muslim women behind
So when Muslim women are left out of Black representation, and Black women are left out of Muslim representation, where are Black Muslim women showcased?
We're amplifying the voices of Black Muslim women in mainstream media, who are making serious waves right now. Click through to check them out.

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