10 Recipes For The Red Velvet-Obsessed

Why are we so obsessed with red velvet cake? After all, isn't it just a standard chocolate cake that's been hit with a bit of red dye? Well, the answer to that is definitively yes — unless you're an au natural baker who's been known to utilise beets for that rosy finish. But who cares? We love red velvet (even if it is cocoa masquerading as another flavour) — and most of all we love that tart-sweet cream cheese frosting combo.
To honour our love for this cake, we've collected the top ten riff recipes from Pinterest; from cookies to cheesecake brownies, whoopie pies, and more. Scroll on to support this dessert classic.
Keep things closest to the classic with this cupcake recipe — complete with cream cheese frosting, of course.
Now let's move into the red velvet riffs — starting off right with these bright and smooth chocolate chippers.
Cake plus cream cheese frosting essentially translates to cheesecake — this recipe seems like a dessert no-brainer.
This poke cake lets all the cream-cheesy frosting ooze through for a prime velvety finish.
And now we will never crave normal cinnamon rolls again.
This red velvet ice cream comes complete with a cream cheese swirl.
The best part about these red velvet doughnuts? They only take 20 minutes to whip up.
Who needs an entire cake when you can pop these portable truffles on the go, anytime?
Red velvet for breakfast? Well why the hell not.
Like little red velvet and cream cheese frosting sandwiches.

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