The New Wave Of Instagram Makeup Artists Changing The Beauty Landscape

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When it comes to makeup, Instagram is a font of imagination. Everyone from beauty novices to experts like Katie Jane Hughes, Charlotte Tilbury and Terry Barber can share their creations, but the super popular cut creases, mega-matte lips and flawlessly defined eyebrows we always spot during our morning scroll are making way for something much more innovative.
Thanks to pros like Salwa Rahman, Lynski, Emily Wood and more, Instagram makeup has entered a new era of inspiration. Think modern art, the environment, nostalgia and surrealism, to name but a few key themes.
Click through to meet the makeup artists spearheading the biggest new beauty movements right now.
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Salwa Rahman

So many of Salwa's (aka @urgalsal_) looks are evocative of expressionist art as she merges free brushwork with vivid colour. Brushed up brows, faux freckles, fresh blush and diffused lip liner balance this abstract eye makeup. She's also known for her pop art lips, eye dots and love of neon. Katie Jane Hughes is also a huge fan.
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No idea is too niche or unusual for London makeup artist Lynski, who experiments with everything from latex to rainbow paints. She is as versed in perfection as she is in atypical placement, meaning her work is fluid and always unexpected.
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Helen Marie

Helen, or @honeydon.t, shines a spotlight on eye makeup. She plays around with gems, pearls, stickers, beads, patterns and shapes — and every single look is a masterpiece. Using neon blue face paint and actual moss, this globe-inspired eyeshadow has racked up over 10k likes on Instagram and counting. Helen captioned the post, "Our lovely Mother Earth may be more damaged than shown above."
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Tahmina May

Proving you don't have to own an artistry kit full of expensive products to create something powerful, Manchester-based makeup artist Tahmina whipped up this otherworldly look using Make Up Revolution's Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eyeshadow Palette, £8. She adorned the cloudy plumes of colour with gold bindi embellishment and kept lips bare save for a slick of clear gloss. We're also obsessed with her eyeshadow art, especially the miniature eye stickers which she cleverly adheres to her lids.
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Nushafarin Saidi

Nushafarin typically keeps her skin fresh and clean so that her eye makeup really pops. Merging neon pigment with pretty pastel shades, she serves up looks that take inspiration from the ethereal and supernatural.
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Emily Wood

We'd say brows and a flawless base is what makeup artist Emily Wood is most Instagram-famous for, but her penchant for translating bursts of colour, shapes and line drawing into makeup sets her apart from the rest. Plus, she always paints the most interesting faces.
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Gabriella Floyd

Cruelty-free makeup artist Gabriella Floyd is seriously in demand. She counts Sigrid and Grace Carter among her impressive roster of celebrity clients and has the ability to make skin gleam. While a dreamy, radiant complexion is her trademark, she isn't afraid to experiment with colour or texture.
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Based in Germany, Denice's forte is eyeshadow art using a mishmash of intense pigment, glitter, sequins and gold leaf. For those brave enough to copy each showpiece, she often breaks down the steps, complete with products, in the caption.

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