Lazy? This Is The PERFECT Foundation For You

With so many foundations on the market, how is a person supposed to choose just one? After all, there's a time and a place for each, from mousse to cream to cushion — heck, even aerosol. As you know, your choice of face makeup really depends on the coverage and finish you want, plus the tools you like to use. But what happens when your main priority is finding something fast and mess-free? (So basically, every weekday morning...)
Luckily for the lazy rushed set, there's one formula that's gaining popularity, with more and more brands bringing new versions to a makeup counter near you: foundation sticks. While not exactly new, they're one of the most genius bases you can toss in your bag, apply on the go, and still get great coverage sans tools and mirrors.
In short, stick foundations are the superhero of shortcut routines — and even if you prefer to be incredibly meticulous with your whole face and take more time and care, these babies are still just as useful. They can be used with your fingers or with tools and they can be layered for maximum coverage or diffused for lighter coverage.
Warning: If you’ve never tried these before, you might never turn back. Ahead, you'll find our favorites...

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