5 Instagram-Worthy Coloured Wigs (& Where To Get Them Made)

Photo via @eugenze.
Once regarded as a quick fix for spicing up a mundane hairdo, wigs have since become a mainstay within our beauty routines. Although they aren't a new concept, we're in the midst of a wig revival, with bright, bold and colourful variations reigning supreme.
In 2019, we're no longer ashamed to proclaim we're wearing a wig. Much sleeker and harder to detect, stars such as Nicki Minaj have toted a rainbow of colours, from canary yellow to green ombre. Now we're all clamouring for a Hot Girl Summer, it seems like coloured wigs are part and parcel, and thanks to Instagram, we've spotted numerous eye-catching styles that have made us rethink the chestnut browns and bleach blonde highlights we're currently sporting.
If anyone knows a thing or two about why we're all pining for outlandish wigs, it's wig specialists Gina Knight and Ali Pirzadeh of AP Wigs. Gina attributes the craze to pop culture and social media: "Bright colours have always been a great way to express one's unique style but it's becoming more and more commonplace as opposed to being alternative. Celebrities and influencers have definitely highlighted the trend but black women have been rocking colourful wigs and weaves for decades." Celebrity hairstylist Ali adds: "It's also a very useful way to test a colour before you make the move of dyeing it for a longer term look."
But once you've fallen in love with a particular hue, where can you get your head-turning wig made? Ahead, you'll find all the biggest styles and exactly how to achieve them.

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