4 Bartenders Spill Their Beauty Secrets

Have you heard the one about the bartender whose makeup never seems to slip? It's our version of the riddle of the sphinx: While we're sweating our eyeliner off at an overcrowded bar at 1 a.m. on a Saturday, our bartenders' makeup seems to stay put. Even though our lipstick is smeared off on our pint of beer, they can still sass-mouth with a perfect pout until they're yelling last call.
We may rely on our friendly bartenders for a heavy hand when pouring our after-work cocktail, but after some thought — and a couple of drinks — we asked ourselves: Are they also untapped resources for the secrets of melt-proof makeup? We went right to the source to find out. After some extensive bar research (hey, it's for science), we tracked down four lady bartenders with killer style across NYC. Then, we picked their brains for the stay-all-night makeup tips that put them in a league of their own. Turns out, it doesn't take a whole lot to look incredible while serving a bar full of booze-hungry patrons for 10 hours at a time (...ahem).
Ahead, find some clever tips and tricks to keep your makeup in place, straight from the pros. And, remember to tip your bartenders — they may just tip you back.

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