This Aquarius Season Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Capricorn Season gave us self-reflection, and now Aquarius Season is giving us a nudge to take what we’ve learned and run with it. On 20th January, the sun will officially enter the revolutionary sign of Aquarius where it’ll stay until 18th February, kicking off a brand new astrological season and era for 2024. But quick warning — we’re in for quite the ride.
Aquarius Season is usually a time to be daring and courageous, but this period of time in particular will be pretty intense, all thanks to Pluto — the Planet of Destruction, Death, and Rebirth — entering Aquarius the same day that the season starts. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798 — what a time! — besides the planet’s brief stint in the sign of the water bearer last year, which gave us a preview of what’s to come.
This astrological happening might even be — dare we say — historic. “Some astrologers consider it to be the official beginning of ‘The Age of Aquarius,’ which is believed to have kicked off in 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ended,” says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. “This is considered to be ‘the age of light’, when themes around individuality, freedom, and rebellion will begin resonating all over the world.”
Aquarius is a sign that brings us an energy of collective vibrations, community organisation, and social inclination, says Montúfar. “With both Pluto and the sun highlighting this sign’s energy, we can expect to see new themes being born now that will inspire us to come together in a true spirit of activism. Mantras like ‘Power to the people’ and ‘We’re all in this together’ will ripple through the collective, inviting more and more of us to join in fighting all the injustices we see happening in the world.” Advocating for change isn’t easy — Montúfar notes that this will take courage, time, and constant effort — but luckily, the movements that seek to bring social change will have the support of the universe.
As we settle into Aquarius Season, we may feel a surge of transformative energy that also inspires us to make positive changes in our lives, according to Iva Naskova, astrologer at Nebula. “This is an ideal time to seek out new opportunities, whether it’s a new job or a promotion, as Aquarius is a sign that values progress and innovation,“ she tells Refinery29.
Mark your calendars for 25th January, when we have the full moon in Leo, and 26th January, when then the sun clashes with Jupiter. “This will bring some drama and theatrics to your life, and also reveal important information that helps you to discern the next step toward your heart-centred desires,” Campos says. “Egos may clash and it’s also possible to wind up in a heated debate or two, but there is also luck in the air and these are powerful days for calling in your desires and engaging in spiritual practices or rituals.”
Next comes 5th February, when Mercury, the Planet of Communication, meets up with Pluto at the same point in the sky. This will highlight hidden information and secrets, according to Stephanie Campos, astrologer and author of Seasons of the Zodiac: Love, Magick, and Manifestation Throughout the Astrological Year. “You may also have more obsessive thought patterns and be focused on aspects of yourself or others that have been obscured,” she says. “Hidden motives can be revealed, as well.”
Then, on 22nd February, Mars and Venus will align in Aquarius, which will bring us closer to others, according to Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. “Until then, however, we should focus on forming deeper connections with those around us,” she says. “This may be easier once Uranus, Aquarius’s modern planetary ruler, turns direct on 27th January, ending the retrograde story that began on 28th August 2023.” Montúfar adds that the influence of Mars and Venus during this time will cause deep changes and transformation to our relationships. “Endings and beginnings will occur now, and we must dare to walk towards the future, as there is no going back to the past,” she says.
Once Uranus retrograde has ended, Stardust says we’ll have an opportunity to move forward and make progress in our friendships and relationships — meaning that it’s time to open up and embrace intimacy, both physically and emotionally.
Aquarius energy is all about putting the collective to the forefront — where could we be if we all worked together to create tangible change? While there’s no way of knowing what the future holds, the best way to get there is to just begin.

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