I Tried All The Rhode Skin Products — & This Is My Honest Opinion

To say that the Rhode Skin products, created by Hailey Rhode Bieber, are a hot commodity would be an understatement. Maybe you're one of the 100,000 people who joined the waiting list for the Peptide Glazing Fluid. Maybe you're trying to decide whether the hype is real or if it's that glazed-doughnut marketing campaign and Hailey's naturally good skin — which, of course, is not exclusively to the credit of a serum — that's causing the sell-outs.
Since the launch of Rhode, I've been using all the products — the serum, moisturiser, and lip treatment — and I've received a lot of questions about whether or not I like them. Mostly, I'd say that all three are very well-designed. Honestly, I really like what Hailey did here.
My Rhode skincare (clearly well loved)
To be candid, I was gifted the full Rhode collection as a part of my job. However, I attest that the price point is an important factor to start with, because it's not a barrier to entry: every individual product is under £29. After trying the expensive creams, Hailey decided that the mark-up wasn't worth it. "There's a lot of PR surrounding skincare that makes you think that when something has a big price tag on it, it's suppose to do something way more significant than something that's affordable — in my experience, that just wasn't true," Hailey explains. Because the "high-end expensive stuff" wasn't giving Hailey what she wanted — glowing, clear skin all the time — she started analysing ingredients. "You can have amazing and effective products that are still affordable, and that's why I wanted to do with the brand: make amazing formulas with ingredients that I love and that I had seen work for me."
So, let's get into the formulas.
The serum is a gel-based formula — kind of like a glaze — so a bit heavier than a watery liquid that would come in a dropper. I do two pumps on my fingers and rub it into my skin. It feels nice and refreshing. You know when you sometimes put on a serum and you feel it tightening your skin? This is not that; it's super gentle. The formula is made up of skin strengthening peptides, oil-reducing niacinamide, and hydrating hyaluronic acid, plus nourishing marula oil — so nothing that would cause an adverse reaction on my dry skin.
It was a seamless addition to my simplified summer skincare routine: I splash my face with cold water, then use the Peptide Glazing Fluid and the Barrier Repair Cream (which we'll get to). I only use it in the morning, because I'm using active ingredients at night, but I suppose you could use it at night as well.
What makes this serum interesting, in my opinion, is that Hailey uses it after makeup, too. In a recent TikTok video, she shows how she uses it, by pumping it on the back of her hand and bouncing it over her cheeks with a Beautyblender — almost like a liquid highlight to add an extra dewy finish to her glam. I've tried the off-label approach. Midday, I put more Glazing Fluid just on my cheekbones and under my eyes. It worked to refresh my concealer and make my makeup look more natural, but I'd probably only recommend that to someone with dry skin whose makeup is prone to creasing.
I do have one con though, and it's the bottle. For me, it's a little big and clunky and not ideal for travelling. Also, there's not a ton of glazing fluid in the bottle. I ran out of serum pretty quickly, in less than three weeks, so I'd recommend once-a-day application to avoid having to repurchase immediately.
Think of this as a simple, no-frills, unscented moisturiser. Like the serum, it's purpose is to sooth and hydrate. It's made with peptides, fatty acids, squalane, and more niacinamide.
Why is niacinamide in the Peptide Glazing Fluid and the Barrier Repair Cream? Hailey says that it's the single ingredient that made the biggest improvement in her skin, in texture and tone, which is why she put it in both. For context, niacinamide is essentially a form of vitamin B3 that can curb excess oil, minimise the appearance of pores, and soothe acne flareups. The other ingredients mixed in the cream — peptides, fatty acids, squalane — provide hydration and do the barrier repairing.
I use the cream in the morning, directly after the Glazing Fluid and before my sunscreen. Do I think it's the best or most hydrating day cream I've ever put on my face? No, but it does its job at making my skin dewy and keeping it that way through the day. Also, unlike the Peptide Glazing Fluid, the Barrier Repair Cream is loaded in its tube. After three weeks, I still have a little bit left, which I'm surprised about because its about the size of a hand cream.
Honestly, I was surprised that Hailey launched Rhode with a lip treatment. (I initially assumed it was a simple lip gloss — it's not.) However, after meeting Hailey in the flesh, I understood. This might be weird to say, but her lips are plump and shiny. Plus, she told me that she "can't handle dry lips", and so a lip balm of sorts was important to her.
Out of all three Rhode products, this Peptide Lip Treatment has the most reviews so far. If I were to recommend one single Rhode skincare product, this would be it. I use it all the time. I carry it around with me and it keeps my lips hydrated and a little glossy. My recent lip combo has been the lip liner with a little bit of Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment over the top. It comes in different flavours — Salted Caramel, Watermelon, and Unscented — and mine and Hailey's favourite is the Salted Caramel version. It smells a little like Cinnabon, so you have to like having a sugar smell on your lips.
It's thicker than a gloss but more viscous than a Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, but I prefer this Rhode formula because I can squeeze it from the tube instead of digging my fingernails into a jar. Of course, I assume that's a big plus for Hailey, too, since people are talking about Rhode and her manicure with equal enthusiasm.
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