Venus In Cancer Will Make You Crave Connection

The Planet of Love is moving once again, making our hot girl summer a more emotional one. On July 17, Venus is moving from its spot in flirty Gemini to grounded Cancer where it'll stay until August 11, and our flirting tactics and love languages will get a bit of a twist. Instead of being fast and furious, we'll be more drawn to slower commitments and more intense intimacy.
While Venus was in Gemini, we were busy playing the field, swiping on all the apps, and using witty, clever banter as our foreplay. Now, thanks to Venus entering Cancer, our craving for meaningful relationships is getting stronger. "We trade never-ending conversations as foreplay for real, deep connections," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "In this emotional water sign, Venus will have us wanting to merge at a soul level, so it’s only natural to see us playing for keeps in the next three and a half weeks." For those already in partnerships, be prepared to feel a little clingier than usual.
Montúfar says that dating during this transit is simple: We'll be more drawn to partners who we feel we can bring home to our families, so if someone isn't grandma-approved, they won’t make the cut! That also means that instead of keeping our roster of suitors in rotation, we'll be drawn to settle down — at least, just a little bit. Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app, says that this is because Venus in Cancer is more nurturing, focused on affection, and helps bring our emotional side to the surface.
It's not just about romance, though. Naskova says that some of us may feel a stronger urge to spend time with family, both blood and chosen. "In Cancer, Venus tends to influence us to nurture, protect, and watch over the people close to our hearts," she says. "It is a good time to form more meaningful and deeper relationships, but it is not an exception to feeling ups and downs in our love life." That's right — just because we're more inclined to form a deeper connection with others romantically doesn't mean we won't have to jump some hurdles, especially if we let our rose-colored glasses cloud our judgment. Our hearts may be open now, but keep them guarded — not heavily, per se, but just enough to protect your energy.
Montúfar warns us that from July 22 to July 31, Venus is going to conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, which will bring our deepest, most repressed feelings to light. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. "Lilith represents pure, sexual energy, so these days will give us a unique opportunity to explore our sensual side in new and exciting ways," she says. "As an archetype, Lilith doesn’t hold back, so this is a golden opportunity to try new things!" Whether it's with a longtime partner or a one-time fling, be brave in the bedroom during this week — you might surprise yourself. As always, be safe, respectful, and cognisant of other's wants and needs before letting your freak flag fly.
Mark your calendars for August 8, when Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Lisa Stardust, astrologer, and author of The Love Deck, says that this particular aspect will bring out our obsessive and domineering side. "Emotions will be strong and go hand-in-hand with power struggles in relationships," she says. "Watch out for manipulative tactics that will hold us back from evolving into the person we are meant to be."
Venus in Cancer is here to teach us one thing: to feel comfort within ourselves, our homes, and our love lives. Emotions may run high, yes, but with enough support and understanding from those around you and from within, we'll have an incredibly reassuring time — until Venus moves once again.

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