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I Tried This Viral TikTok Hair Dryer On My Curls — & Here’s My Honest Review

Introducing Get Into It, assistant editor Nadia Ebrahim’s monthly beauty column where she guides us through the sometimes-overwhelming-but-always-exciting maze of hair, skin-care, and makeup launches. This week, she reviews a viral TikTok hair dryer. 
What we’re getting into: RevAir Reverse Air Dryer, £325
Why we’re getting into it: I’ve been putting off getting box braids for a while now. The only thing holding me back is the time and effort needed to blow out my natural hair for the appointment. It usually goes a little something like this: I grab the blow dryer I rarely use and crank it up to the maximum settings. Then, the wrestling match and arm workout begin — pulling and combing in all directions to stretch my 3C/4A curls while the heat causes enough smoke to set the fire alarm off late at night. (If you’re my neighbour reading this, keep it pushing.) Once the ordeal is over, I’m relieved I won’t have to repeat this process for a few months until my next protective style.
This was all before I came across the RevAir hashtag on TikTok, which has 56.6 million views and counting. RevAir is a reverse-air hair dryer, which means it doesn’t blow out air. Instead, it uses a patented technology to vacuum suction aka “reverse-air” to move heat in the natural direction of the hair shaft and cuticles for a smoother finish without the need for a brush or brush attachment. Unlike a traditional blow dryer, this consistent suction ensures all strands receive the same amount of heat at all times, resulting in straighter and less puffy hair that dries faster.
“It’s doing the work for you,” Crystal Gryniuk Nicklaus, RevAir communications director tells me. She explains that although traditional blow dryers have a concentrated nozzle at the front, the movement required can make it hard for some of us to get our cuticles to lay flat for that blown-out look. That’s why your hairstylist can do an amazing job because they have the range of motion — standing above and behind you — getting the exact angle needed for sleek results. 
But what about heat damage? RevAir claims to be better for your hair but as someone who’s said RIP to hot tools, I needed to know more. Although the temperature of the heat is comparable to a traditional blow dryer, RevAir dries hair about three-times faster (and uses half the wattage) leaving hair exposed to heat for less time. Plus, it ditches the need for brushing, which means less friction causing breakage. 
I’ll be honest, the machine itself is quite large and heavy, but the results were undeniable. After shampooing my hair with my drug store go-to choice Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo, (your hair doesn’t have to be wet, RevAir can be used to style dry hair, too) I detangled with a paddle brush and primed it with Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner (100% oils like coconut or olive can damage the machine) and began with a 3” x 3” section at the scalp. I turned on the base unit and set the tension (vacuum suction) to level 6 out of 7; those with straighter hair can start at the recommended level 2 until you find your ideal tension.
The heat has three gentle temperature settings including cool, low, and high (the highest temperature on RevAir is less than the lowest on most flat irons by around 100°F). I then inserted my curls into the wand and kept it at my scalp for 90 seconds (those with finer hair can start at 30 seconds and build up if needed). There was no need to move the wand up and down, all I did was use a slight dabbing motion to get to my roots.
After using RevAir hair dryer.
Once complete, I slowly removed the wand to reveal shiny stretched hair. I was left speechless and couldn’t believe how long my hair had gotten (length check!!!) What usually would have taken me an hour and a half took me a total of 20 minutes to finish my entire head. By the end, I had big Diana Ross hair, but if I was going for a pin-straight look, I could have gone in with straighteners at the lowest heat with only one pass instead of multiple. 
Bottom Line: I can wholeheartedly say this machine is worth it. At £325, the hefty price tag is comparable to other high end hair dryers. If you’re someone who blows out their hair often (or is lazy to put in the manual work like me), RevAir is a solid investment. An added bonus is it can also be used on locs, extensions, and twists.
Excuse me while I go book that braid appointment. 
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