5 Poppin’ Protective Styles You Can Do At Home

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
A black woman’s hair isn’t just hair — it’s an extension of her identity. Oftentimes, hair care is deemed a luxury, but in the black community, it’s a necessity. Our tresses are a means of self expression, confidence and comfort. And with black women being the beauty industry’s highest-spending patrons, the need for hair care also drives income for black barber shop and salon owners. The time, money, and effort that goes into our appearance is as familiar as the scent of Blue Magic on a Saturday morning. 
But with the spread of COVID-19, such familiar routines are out the door. On March 20, New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered a statewide lockdown forcing all non-essential businesses — including beauty facilities— to close for the time being. “When I talk about the most drastic action we can take, this is the most drastic action we can take,” Cuomo stated during an Albany press conference. “This is not life as usual. Accept it. Realise it and deal with it.” 
IllinoisWisconsinNew JerseyCalifornia and other states have implemented similar measures.
While this is a helpful step in flattening the curve of infection, it’s an unexpected hindrance for the black community. Many stylists are out of work and, in turn, their clients are left to find alternatives to their usual routines. Given this ever changing new normal, black women across the country are wondering:
“What will I do with my hair?”
Fear not. These five YouTube tutorials are here to help! Follow them on your next wash day to keep your hair – and sanity – in check.
Bantu Knots 
This 15-minute look is a classic staple that dates back centuries. A two for one style, it will give you edgy hair one day, and soft curls the next. 
Halo Braids
All you need is one pack of hair to go from looking like a couch potato to royalty. This ethereal look is both easy to achieve and maintain! 
Twist Outs 
Though twist outs can be difficult, a little extra patience might make them worthwhile. Try this two-strand method for extra bouncy curls! 
The Sleek Bun
You might be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you run a company. This simple style has the same energy as a power suit. All you need is a brush, gel, and a hair tie to get the look.
When all else fails, grab a wig. You want Dianna Ross curls on Monday and a bob on Tuesday? Go right ahead. We won’t judge; just don’t forget your edges! 

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