Your Horoscope This Week

Welcome to week two in February, or the great Aquarian clusterfuck of 2021. That’s right, this week, six planets are transiting Aquarius and things are bound to get a little — if not a lot — weird. There’s the new moon on 11th February, which has been in a show-down with Mars in Taurus for a while, encouraging an anxious tension between our emotional needs and our ability to get them met. It’s the kind of transit that doesn’t know what insecure attachment is, but it’s willing to explore the concept. Then, there’s Mercury retrograde in Aquarius which, in addition to being generally troublesome, makes a square to Mars in Taurus. Technological breakdown is expected, communication breakdown is likely, emotional breakdown is highly possible, and, if you’re not exhausted already? You’re one of the lucky ones. Then there’s Jupiter and Saturn, both in Aquarius, with the former making a wide square to Mars and the latter making a tighter square to Uranus, aspects we’ll be feeling the push and pull of for quite some time. It’s amazing how much the human spirit can take on and make do with. But, despite all indication to the contrary, not only can we get through this, we can access a great deal of magic within the chaos — which is, after all, where magic most often resides.
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