What Venus In Capricorn Means For Your Love Life

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We all have goals for 2021. We may have pledged to secure a promotion, pick up a profitable side hustle, read more books, balance our chakras — or, perhaps, heat up our love lives. That last one is where Venus, the Planet of Love, comes in. The hot planet is shifting into focused Capricorn from January 8 to February 1, and the move could mean wonders for your relationships.
During this transit, love and dating in general will take on a quieter and more grounded tone, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com. Venus was previously in adventurous Sagittarius, and we'll definitely notice the change when she moves to Cap — the warm, fun, holiday energy we'd been enjoying will settle into a more practical, down-to-earth approach, Montúfar says. "Instead of feeling flirty and wanting to explore all our options, we now care more about how enduring, reliable, and faithful our connections are."
That may not sound all that exciting, and to be sure, we know that Venus in Capricorn isn't the sexiest transit. But it's definitely bringing some necessary, useful energy into our journey to find and nourish real partnerships. Montúfar says this is a period that's good for long-term commitment. "Ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Time, Capricorn lends Venus the opportunity to be more practical and focused on building the kind of love that can last." Although we relish the fire and desire a new love interest can bring into our lives, long-lasting relationships are built on authenticity and realness — the qualities this transit is bringing us. This could mean it's finally time to DTR, too.
Which is exactly what astrologer Lisa Stardust says — she notes that the relationships we have or are pursuing will become more real and practical during this time. "This means that people will only be committing to those who they can build a future with," she says. This is pretty good news for those entering into 2021 with the goal of dating more or strengthening their existing relationships. Take advantage of these commitment-focused vibes and put yourself out there in your pursuits or in your partnerships. You'll likely find yourself having more practical and logical discussions about your relationships with your lovers during this time.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen.com, agrees. "Our focus may shift to a more traditional outlook and concerns," she says. For those of us already in committed relationships, Hale points out that certain conversations may arise, such as moving in together ("Where would we live and how do we pay for it?) or even marriage ("Are we ready for it? What would a ceremony look like?"). Things are about to get intense!
Mark your calendars for January 23, Stardust says. This is the day when Venus and Neptune, the Planet of Dreams, connect. This energy will inspire us to take a leap of faith in love. Montúfar even calls it one of "the most romantic days of the month." But, there's a catch. "The minor frustration Venus will share the same day with the North Node of Destiny will make it hard to get these romantic sentiments moving," Stardust explains. As with any budding romance, the key here is patience. Your grand gesture of love may be slightly thwarted, but keeping your cool in a frustrating situation will only make your partner (or prospective partner) fawn over you even more.
Then, on January 28, Stardust says that Venus and Pluto will align — meaning that relationships can transform and deepen. Here's a pro tip: Plan an intimate, romantic date night for your boo that has all of their favourite things (if my boyfriend is reading this, I like flowers and pasta). Any small act of service of expression of affection will go a long way on this day.
So while Venus's journey through Capricorn isn't necessarily about butterflies and fireworks, it's a necessary, eye-opening time. And those moments are just as important in any relationship than the fiery, spark-filled ones anyway.

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