It’s Sagittarius Season, & Big Changes Are Coming Our Way

Photographed by Serena Brown.
As an Aries, I've always felt an affinity for Sagittariuses (Sagittarii?) — we're a zodiac BFF match, after all. So I'm more than happy to be moving from intense and introspective Scorpio season into the adventurous and optimistic sign of the archer on November 22. Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, says Sagittarius season (which lasts until December 21) will feel like a breath of fresh air — something we all need.
But we're not letting go of the brooding vibes that characterised Scorpio season just yet. "We'll still have the intuitive and water element present, since Venus enters Scorpio the same time Sagittarius season starts," Montúfar explains. Still, our introspection will be lightened somewhat, thanks to the characteristic optimism of Sag season.
We'll all be feeling happy and hopeful for at least one reason: The sun moving into the sign of the archer marks the final stretch of 2020, and after a long, exhausting year, we're more than ready to turn over a new leaf. To help us do that, this month we'll be sitting through two eclipses, Montúfar says: a penumbral eclipse of the moon on November 29, and a total eclipse of the sun on December 14. "Eclipses are the way the universe creates change in our lives. They open and close doors," she explains.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, says that some of these changes may involve removing people from your life. "Freedom is the theme," she says. "You may feel strongly that you want to cut the ties with any person or thing that seems to hold you back."
Give yourself a moment to take a look back at this past year — what, or who, hasn't served you? It may be easy to pick out what's been holding you back, whether it's a stagnant relationship, a demanding job, or even your mindset. The urge to cut ties is strong, and honestly — it's a good time to do it.
Break up with your partner who admitted to voting for Boris Johnson. Start looking for a job that actually makes you want to get up in the morning. Move somewhere new. Get a dog or a daring haircut. Whatever you think will make a substantial difference to your life, now's the time to set that in motion with the energy of Sag season and the eclipses behind you.
It won't be all forward momentum, though. "The sun will align with the South Node of Destiny for the first twenty days of Sagittarius season, which means that we may feel a little insecure and not want to be in the spotlight," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. "There’s a hesitation with moving forward now, which may make us all want to stand still." She also notes that on December 9, elusive Neptune will square the sun. Stardust says this will make us extra indecisive. The key? Check your most deeply held values. "As long as we stay true to our beliefs, we will be able to power through it," she says.
The one drawback that lurks in the life-changing energy of Sag season is a risk of falling into a "me, me, me" mindset — and coming across as overly blunt. You'll need to communicate clearly with others as well, Stardust cautions. "Choosing our words wisely is important over the next thirty days. More often than not, we can put our foot in our mouths during Sagittarius season," Stardust says. "Think before you speak or send that text, it may save us all a lot of drama throughout the month."
Right at the tail end of Sagittarius season, Jupiter and Saturn will both leave Capricorn to enter Aquarius. Jupiter moves signs every year, but Saturn only does every two and a half years. "The fact that both of these social planets switch signs around the same time says there are big changes ahead for the collective," Montúfar says. On December 21, we'll experience the Great Conjunction between these two planets — something that happens only once every 20 years, and usually signifies historic change.
It might just be my Sagittarius moon talking, but I have a good feeling about this upcoming month. Change is brewing — and it's for the better.

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