Defying All Logic, Shawn Mendes Says Every Song He’s Ever Written Is About Camila Cabello

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
In new Netflix documentary In a Wonder, Shawn Mendes stans will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the musician’s rise and everything that's come along with it. It’s a project about his career in the music industry, but In a Wonder is also a look into his personal life, specifically his relationship with fellow musician Camila Cabello — who has apparently been his muse long before they even started dating.
Netflix released the first full trailer of the music documentary, which attempts to differentiate Shawn the Musician from Shawn the Regular Guy. The teaser is very meta — he spends most of the time wondering whether fans would like him if they knew he was a mere mortal just like them — but towards the end, it briefly touches on his deep connection to Cabello. According to Mendes, all roads lead back to the former Fifth Harmony singer.
“Everything is about you,” he recalls saying to his girlfriend in the trailer. “My songs have always been about you...every song.”
Mendes has been actively making music since 2014, and he was first romantically linked to Cabello in 2019 after the release of their sultry “Señorita” duet and its subsequent stage performances. Saying that Cabello has been his muse for every song written in the past five years of his career is quite the romantic revelation. What the singer is basically trying to tell us is that they're soulmates. 
As much as they tried to play coy about what was going on between them (while also talking about it a lot), both Cabello and Mendes haven't hesitated to be open about their relationship. So this intense confession is absolutely par for the course for these lovebirds, who have exhibited a proclivity for PDA. Shamila stans, you don't have to worry about your ship sinking any time soon — it's all love between these two.
Watch Mendes wax poetic about his other true love (music) when In a Wonder hits Netflix on November 23.

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